Tips For Choosing Commercial Office Cleaning Services

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If you have an office, it is important to make sure that it is kept clean so that your staff, as well as customers, can enjoy a serene environment.

Most people think that they will forgo the expense of hiring professional cleaning services and hire a building janitor. While this can be a reasonable thought, it is important to keep in mind that a commercial and professional cleaning service is the best option for a reliable service. One janitor can only do so much. They may not be able to do thorough cleaning as expected and will not move any desks and chairs in order to ensure absolute efficiency.

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Once you’ve decided on the types of commercial cleaning services you’ll be needing, you want to be sure that you are also getting the best value for your money. Here are some tips on how to choose the best commercial cleaning service.

Trained Personnel

You should get a service that hires trained as well as skilled professionals. Do not overlook the aspect of their experience. The more experience they have, the better the chances that they will do very good work for you. You can ask them if they have training so that you can be sure you are hiring the best.


A good cleaning company should be able to have good cleaning routines that accommodate the schedules of commercial buildings. Most buildings are cleaned at night, but there are some that have employees that work in shifts. If this is the case the cleaning service should know how to arrange their cleaning times accordingly.

Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

Choose a commercial cleaning company that knows the value of using green products. Their cleaning products should be free of harmful chemicals. They should also ensure that the products used do not affect the health of anybody in the office.

Proper Licenses And Insurance

Check or commercial cleaning services that have legit and up to date licenses to do that job. This lets you know that you can trust them. It is also important for them to have insurance against damages that may happen when they are on the job. This clears you of the liability for any damage that may occur to any equipment in the office when they are cleaning.


It is important to choose a service that has a very good client base and a good reputation. You can check testimonials from previous clients to see the quality of work you should expect from them. In addition to that, you can ask if they offer discounts for clients who sign any long-term contracts.

It’s always a good idea to look for cleaning services that have been hired by other commercial buildings. You must also ensure that the personnel has clear backgrounds that have been verified by the police so as to maintain the safety of your office.

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Main Clothing Distribution Countries – Sporting and Footwear

It’s good to know the main clothing distribution countries for sport wear, clothing, and footwear.

Knowing the locations of these nations is crucial if you are at all involved in such industries, and the possibilities of having contacts in these regions proves very beneficial if you are looking to grow your business network and find new opportunities to take advantage of.

clothing rack

The sheer number of different sectors that are involved in the distribution of clothing for all kinds of clothing is actually rather mind boggling.

At first glance, you might think that you are primarily dealing with textile manufacturers, such as factories that make shoes, shirts, pants, and other garments. However, that is just the source of the clothing in question. The actual distribution of it involves other industries. The clothing that is made is often shipped by truck or rail to ports where they head to distribution countries. The shipping is often done by cargo vessels at sea, but some is done by plane. The ports of east Asia are a very common place for the distribution of clothing, considering how many of them are made in China or surrounding nations.

However, some distribution is also done in North America where many clothes are also made and sold.

Obviously if you are a manufacturer of such clothing goods, you need connections in distribution countries to get your product to the highest-paying markets. On the other hand, you can stand to make money if you are also in the transportation business itself, considering that your trucks, trains, planes, or ships might prove viable means of transporting the goods. Even owners and operators of shipyards and warehouses in distribution cities or ports can work themselves into all the exchanges going on.

Of course at some point retailers and buyers come into play, as they are looking for goods to fill their shelves and racks with so they can sell them to consumers and make money. These players are more likely to be involved in distribution points on the eastern side of the Pacific once the goods have reached the shores of North America. Of course there are also distribution points of lower volume in Western Europe, but also Africa and Latin America, where excess goods that did not sell in North America are often sent for sale.

Obviously if you are a manufacturer of such clothing goods, you need connections in distribution countries to get your product to the highest-paying markets.

Office Cleaning and Hotel Guest Services

child reading on a clean hotel bed

Maintaining a clean hotel that is up to guests’ high standards can be a difficult task.

There are many areas that can easily go wrong. Look at any hotel review site and look at what guests are complaining about. Many times, it is dirty rooms, broken air conditioners, and leaky faucets. These are all common problems that can be easily maintained and fixed when needed. You only have one time to make a good impression on a guest and if you get it wrong, they are more than likely not coming back. In addition, they are generally going to give a poor review to the hotel. This all leads to lost revenue. Fortunately, we can take care of some simple areas and keep our guests happy. Let’s look at several areas that need additional care when building maintenance is concerned.

child reading on a clean hotel bed
Are Your Parking Lots Up to Standards?

This the first area of the hotel a guest is going to see and it should be kept spotless. This includes making sure there are no potholes and the parking spots are all easily identified. Special parking spots should be easily seen from a distance. The parking lot should be well-lite and there should be no bulbs busted or burnt out. Your guests should feel safe in your parking lot and have no concerns about the safety of their vehicle or belongings. It goes without saying that all trash and refuse is collected daily so the parking lot is immaculate looking.

A Pristine Lobby

The next area your guests are going to encounter is the hotel lobby. Extra care should be taken in the lobby and it should always have a pristine and welcoming look. Always ensure that the floors are clean, lights are all in working order. There should be no crack or chips in the tiles as well. Keep the lobby smelling fresh and a comfortable temperature when guests arrive.

The Hotel Rooms

Without a doubt, this is where you are going to win or lose the trust of a guest. They want a room that is worth more than what they paid. It is your job to make sure you always meet and exceed the guests’ wildest expectations. The room should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that plumbing, heat, air, and television are all in excellent working conditions. In addition, carpets, paint, wallpaper should be checked on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear. The goal is to always make sure that a guest never complains about anything not working. Routine maintenance should include signs of bugs, pests, and odors.

Common Areas

Other areas of concern for you and your maintenance staff include dining areas, pools, the fitness center, and playgrounds. These areas should be inspected to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your guests. Always be on the lookout for cracked flooring, loose railing, broken locks. The pool area should be free of any hazardous materials and the pool should offer a pristine, clear waters. If the hotel offers a playground, regularly check all equipment for sharp edges, missing pieces, or broken edges. Add mulch and landscaping as needed to keep the area fun and beautiful. Make sure the equipment in the fitness area is kept clean and there are plenty of towels for guest. It’s also a good idea to leave some cleaning solutions in the room for people to use and clean fitness equipment before they use it.

The Areas That Your Visitors Can Not See

Without a question, there are many areas that your guests can not see in the hotel. While these may be out of sight, they can not be out of mind. There are many areas of the hotel that are prone to breakdowns and need regular checks. These include boilers, HVAC units, kitchen areas, washers, and dryers, etc. Keeping these units working should be a top priority and will keep your hotel guest happy and satisfied. In addition, regular maintenance to these larger appliances and systems will help to keep them running in a good manner and stave off larger and more expensive repairs. It may be beneficial looking at hiring local commercial and office cleaning company in the Sydney area to help with the larger tasks. Looking for a good source to get quotes? Try Quality Trade

Now you should have a better idea of some of the general maintenance problems your hotel may experience. However, if you stay ahead of these small issues your guests will remain happy and keep coming back. In addition, your hotel maintenance costs will be lower.

Advice For Your First Time Taking Clothes To The Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaning Advice

Do you regularly visit the dry cleaners?

Regular cleaning of Business attire, work uniforms, or sports wear are ground for requesting a discount …



Sometimes it can even mostly be personal preference, and then other times, you really just don’t have a choice. If something can’t be machine washed, it can’t be machine washed. Maybe you have never been to the dry cleaners before. Whether you have or not, what do you need to know if you plan to opt for their services?

Not only is this information advantageous to you, but it can also help the dry cleaning business owners. When each party knows how to handle what’s going on, it just makes things that much easier, right?

Before we dive into those tips, understand that some things are going to likely surprise you.

For example, did you know that Wednesday is supposed to be the best day to drop off dry cleaning? That’s just because it’s supposed to be the best day to drop off in terms of the dry cleaning business not being quite as busy in the middle of the week.

If you can’t get your dry cleaning dropped off on Wednesday, try to avoid these three days: Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Next, the dry cleaning business owners want you to know something.

It’s best if you don’t pre-treat any clothing items that you’re going to drop off to them.

They also want you to know that they will always appreciate hangers that you return.

If this is your first time taking clothes to a dry cleaners, see what types of specials are available to you. It could be that you get a sweet deal for your first time, and you also might want to inquire about customer loyalty rewards programs if you plan on returning to the dry cleaners on a regular basis. If you are going to be having a lot of men’s shirts cleaned and pressed, you might want to inquire about a special price. If your into sports and require cleaning sports uniforms or maybe you have work uniforms that will need consistent cleaning, they may give you a special discount.

You also need to think about anything else you might want to communicate to the dry cleaning business owners.

For example, are there any loose buttons that they should know about? Is there are specific stain that you’re trying to get out? What questions do you have about their services?

You want to be comfortable dropping off your clothes at a dry cleaners, knowing that soon you will get them back, clean, wrinkle free and looking great.

Career Counseling and Business Coaching

Benefits of Career Counseling In Today’s World

A career is undeniably a big part of a person’s life. For many years now, careers have been associated with formal employment opportunities. This has changed a lot over the years as there has been the emergence of more creative and talent based careers in the job market. Today’s job market is quite diverse and full of endless possibilities. It is very easy to become anyone you want. You can do anything you want if you put your heart into it.

Deciding on a specific career is however not as simple as many people have come to find out. With the very many career options out there today, it can be quite hard to figure out exactly where you fit in. It can be a really confusing life decision that can either break or make you. It is widely believed that success in life is heavily depending on making the right career choice early in life. Time is always of the essence so you cannot afford to waste any time in making a decision of exactly where your interests and preferences lie.


Career counseling comes in to assess peoples’ interests, talents, and values in a bid to help them explore a wide range of career options that suit them. This special form of counseling helps people to make the right decision when it comes to where they want to work in future or what exactly they wish to do in order to earn a living and make ends meet.

Showing You The Right Career Direction

The most obvious benefit of career counseling is being able to get a clear picture of what you really want to do with your life. A counselor will help you to be more self-aware and confident about your abilities and talents. A counselor will also help in assessing your interests, likes and preferences so that you can narrow down your career to a certain group or category. Various one on one conversations with a counselor can really help to eliminate the confusion and anxiety that comes with making big career decisions.

Maintaining A Balance Between Personal and Professional Life

A career will undoubtedly affect both your work life as well as your personal life. If you want to live a satisfying and fulfilling life, you must strike a balance between your professional and personal life. Career counseling can greatly assist you to adjust your schedules and daily appointments so that you do not steal time from work or play.

Guide Lost Careers

Many people today have found themselves in wrong careers. This is because of few job opportunities and tough economic times. People rush to get jobs without thinking about whether they really want to do those jobs. A few years into your career is when you come to the realization that you are not in your dream career and you are not achieving the goals you had set a while back. Career counseling can help you to effectively make a change from one career to the next without it affecting you or your personal career.

Realize Hidden Talents and Abilities

A series of career counseling sessions can bring about a realization of hidden talents and abilities that you would have otherwise been ignorant about. Many people out there today do not really understand what they are capable off and they, therefore, end up limiting themselves by failing to exploit their God-given talents and abilities. This is being unfair to yourself and all those who would benefit from your talents and abilities. Career counseling can come in handy to dig out these hidden character traits.

MMA Sport – Mixed Martial Arts

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts, also known as MMA, is a heady mixture of boxing, karate, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, judo, wrestling, taekwondo and muay Thai. This is the fastest growing sport that has risen from being known as freak show into a full-fledged legitimate sport. It has shed its early amateurish looks and has gained immense popularity and respect. Despite being popular, there is not much understanding about this sport. The thrills and excitement apart, there are many finer aspects that are not known to people at all. Knowing it in the right way would generate more interest in the sport and enhance its popularity. In this article, some important information has been shared that would lend more clarity in understanding the sport.


The birth of the sport

Although martial arts are as old as the hills, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a newbie, having broken into the scene barely two decades ago. Full contact combat sports have existed since the days of the Roman gladiators, and so have many other ancient martial arts. Every martial art has its own history and style that have been perfectly blended in the new sport. Asian, American and European styles have been fused in the new sport that promises much more excitement, thrill, and variety.  The fights last for five minutes per round and three rounds as the standard time for a contest. However, if it is a championship fight, it can go up to five rounds. The first competitive event, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) took place on 12th November 1993.


It is not fake

There is a misconception about MMA. Many think it to be some kind of stage-managed show, which is completely false. It has acquired a legitimate entity as a competitive sport. There are defined rules of the sport by which one has to play. The rules are elaborate as they cover all aspects of the sport, and are known as Unified Rules. From information about fouls and judging to specifications of hand wrapping and the size of the ring, it covers all.

There are about 25 kinds of fouls that are officially listed. One point is deducted for each foul, and if a player breaks the rules intentionally, he can be disqualified. Injury time of five minutes is allowed for a player to recuperate from a foul. Any unsportsmanlike conduct is considered tantamount to foul. Additionally, head butting and small joint manipulation are a strict no-no.


The scoring method

The fight is judged by three people who sit beside the cage who have different perspectives of judging. Scoring is based on the techniques of the sport, and the judges look after specific sets of these. The effectiveness of defense and aggressiveness, effective grappling and effective striking are noted for scoring. How one exercises control in the fighting area is also judged. The winner is awarded 10 points and the loser gets maximum 9 points. Drawn encounters, though rare, are also known to occur.


Although UFC is the biggest platform for the sport, Bellator Fighting Championship of the USA is a close second.

Selection and Designing of Appropriate Work Wear

Safety and Comfort Rule Supreme in Selection and Designing of Appropriate Work Wear


What you wear at the workplace assumes immense importance because the choice of work-wear affects productivity. Employers would, therefore, prefer that employees choose the right workwear so that they feel completely comfortable.

If the person does not feel comfortable with what he wears, he is less likely to do a good job. Inability to do the work well adversely affects productivity.



Besides comfort, safety in the workplace must be assured. The clothing choices you make can affect your safety. If a welder wears a shirt made from flammable fabric, for example, he is exposed to high risk of fire. The welding flame or spark falling on the clothing can ignite. Welders need flame resistant apparel. In addition to the aspects of safety and productivity, the health of workers needs to be considered when making these choices.



hard-hat-designIf the choice of material is important for work wear, the design is almost equally important. Since work-wear is meant to be worn at workplaces, only the working parameters drive its design elements. A person who works with machinery that has moving parts like a lathe, for example. They should wear half sleeve shirts or aprons with short sleeves. Since he uses both hands to access rotating machine parts, this is a necessity for safety. Clothes with full sleeves would increase the risk of an entanglement. This could result in serious injury.

The work environment is the prime consideration for design as it is linked to the safety issues related to work wear. The fashion angle is also captured in design, but it comes next. Workwear for men is available in fashionable designs like T-shirts, jackets, vests and button-up shirts. Since work-wear requirements are unique according to the work done, these are always customized.

Material selection


  • Material or fabric that is chosen for work-wear depends on the work environment where it will be worn. Safety and comfort rank very high when choosing the appropriate material. Since every workplace has the potential to turn dangerous, this aspect has to be factored when selecting the fabric.
  • The best way is to first identify the substances present in the workplace. Few examples include particulates, gases, and liquids. Then you need to assess the hazard that these materials can cause. Consider the environmental and physical hazards too. The assimilation of the findings will direct towards the right kind of fabric that counters the risks effectively.
  • The material that is chosen has to be lightweight. The fabric has to be comfortable to wear and be able to prevent heat stress. Above all, the fabric has to be breathable. Depending on the environment, fabrics are also selected according to its holdout properties of particulate materials.
  • Some work areas require that workmen should be visible to all even in the dark. This could be important from the safety perspective. Reflective safety clothing like vests and jackets are the perfect solution for such places.



Besides the material and design of work-wear, getting the right size is also important. Wearing oversized safety clothing defeats its very purpose of providing safety. Excessively loose fitting would tend to increase the risks of accidents and other dangers. Overhanging loose clothing can become uncontrollable and can cause accidents. Workmen also feel uncomfortable in work-wear that does not fit properly.

Remember all safety apparel has to comply with the legal stipulations set by regulatory authorities of the country. There are different regulations according to the type of industry and applicable hazards. These have to be understood properly before selecting safety clothing.