Office Cleaning and Hotel Guest Services

child reading on a clean hotel bed

Maintaining a clean hotel that is up to guests’ high standards can be a difficult task.

There are many areas that can easily go wrong. Look at any hotel review site and look at what guests are complaining about. Many times, it is dirty rooms, broken air conditioners, and leaky faucets. These are all common problems that can be easily maintained and fixed when needed. You only have one time to make a good impression on a guest and if you get it wrong, they are more than likely not coming back. In addition, they are generally going to give a poor review to the hotel. This all leads to lost revenue. Fortunately, we can take care of some simple areas and keep our guests happy. Let’s look at several areas that need additional care when building maintenance is concerned.

child reading on a clean hotel bed
Are Your Parking Lots Up to Standards?

This the first area of the hotel a guest is going to see and it should be kept spotless. This includes making sure there are no potholes and the parking spots are all easily identified. Special parking spots should be easily seen from a distance. The parking lot should be well-lite and there should be no bulbs busted or burnt out. Your guests should feel safe in your parking lot and have no concerns about the safety of their vehicle or belongings. It goes without saying that all trash and refuse is collected daily so the parking lot is immaculate looking.

A Pristine Lobby

The next area your guests are going to encounter is the hotel lobby. Extra care should be taken in the lobby and it should always have a pristine and welcoming look. Always ensure that the floors are clean, lights are all in working order. There should be no crack or chips in the tiles as well. Keep the lobby smelling fresh and a comfortable temperature when guests arrive.

The Hotel Rooms

Without a doubt, this is where you are going to win or lose the trust of a guest. They want a room that is worth more than what they paid. It is your job to make sure you always meet and exceed the guests’ wildest expectations. The room should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that plumbing, heat, air, and television are all in excellent working conditions. In addition, carpets, paint, wallpaper should be checked on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear. The goal is to always make sure that a guest never complains about anything not working. Routine maintenance should include signs of bugs, pests, and odors.

Common Areas

Other areas of concern for you and your maintenance staff include dining areas, pools, the fitness center, and playgrounds. These areas should be inspected to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your guests. Always be on the lookout for cracked flooring, loose railing, broken locks. The pool area should be free of any hazardous materials and the pool should offer a pristine, clear waters. If the hotel offers a playground, regularly check all equipment for sharp edges, missing pieces, or broken edges. Add mulch and landscaping as needed to keep the area fun and beautiful. Make sure the equipment in the fitness area is kept clean and there are plenty of towels for guest. It’s also a good idea to leave some cleaning solutions in the room for people to use and clean fitness equipment before they use it.

The Areas That Your Visitors Can Not See

Without a question, there are many areas that your guests can not see in the hotel. While these may be out of sight, they can not be out of mind. There are many areas of the hotel that are prone to breakdowns and need regular checks. These include boilers, HVAC units, kitchen areas, washers, and dryers, etc. Keeping these units working should be a top priority and will keep your hotel guest happy and satisfied. In addition, regular maintenance to these larger appliances and systems will help to keep them running in a good manner and stave off larger and more expensive repairs. It may be beneficial looking at hiring local commercial and office cleaning company in the Sydney area to help with the larger tasks. Looking for a good source to get quotes? Try Quality Trade

Now you should have a better idea of some of the general maintenance problems your hotel may experience. However, if you stay ahead of these small issues your guests will remain happy and keep coming back. In addition, your hotel maintenance costs will be lower.